Incentivize Lease Renewals
by Returning Deposits

  • Increase renter retention, reduce vacancies and boost your NOI.
  • Minimize the cost of concessions by returning cash deposits at renewal.
  • Obligo will replace each renewing renter's cash deposit, and you maintain full protection against damages or missed rent.
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The Obligo Lease Renewal Incentive

An end-to-end solution, that integrates seamlessly with your CRM and PMS.
  1. Offer to return cash deposits as a renewal incentive.
  2. Renewing renters sign up with Obligo.
  3. At the beginning of the new lease, the original deposit is credited to the renter and Obligo assumes the risk up to the deposit amount.

Full Protection Against Damages & Missed Rent

Obligo partners with major banks to instantly qualify renters, and provide guaranteed credit lines to replace cash deposits.

Obligo keeps owners secure, and renters accountable.

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In the event of missed rent or damages, ownership gets paid immediately.

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Eliminate The Burden
Of Deposits

Obligo's Renewal Incentive not only boosts your retention rate; it helps you reduce operational inefficiencies by eliminating cash deposits.

Plus, you'll immediately comply with ever-changing state legislation on deposit management.

Returning Deposits Incentivizes More Renewals Than A 3% Rent Concession