Incentivize Renewals By
Returning Deposits

  • Increase your retention, reduce vacancies and boost your NOI.
  • Avoid rent concessions by returning cash deposits at renewal.
  • Obligo's deposit-alternative will replace each renewing renter's cash deposit, and maintain full protection against damages or missed rent.
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The Obligo Lease Renewal Incentive

An end-to-end solution, that integrates seamlessly with your CRM.
  1. Offer to return cash deposits as a renewal incentive.
  2. Renewing renters submit a payment method to Obligo for pre-authorization, similar to a hotel check-in process.
  3. At the beginning of the new lease, the original deposit is credited to the renter and is instantly replaced with Obligo's pre-authorization solution.

Full Protection Against Damages
& Missed Rent

Renters that apply to Obligo are screened using Open Banking technology with AI-based underwriting,

This keeps owners protected by gaining a complete picture of the financial standing and creditworthiness of each renter before they qualify.

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In the event of missed rent or damages, ownership gets paid immediately.

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Eliminate The Burden Of Deposits

Obligo's Renewal Incentive not only boosts your retention rate; it helps you reduce operational inefficiencies by eliminating cash deposits.

Plus, you'll immediately comply with ever-changing state legislation on deposit management.

Returning Deposits Incentivizes More Renewals Than A 3% Rent Concession