Say Goodbye
to Security Deposits

Deposit-free properties are more attractive to residents, quicker to lease, easier to manage and yield higher NOI.

Obligo is now integrated with Buildium to match your flow. Let us handle all deposit payments for a seamless and compliant leasing process.

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Seamless & Compliant

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Automated Invites

Approved new residents in Buildium are automatically invited to Obligo

Reduced Admin Hours

No more tracking, depositing and posting security payments

Frictionless Renter Sign-Up

Obligo collects security deposits electronically from any device

No More Manual Ledger Updates

Receipts and deductions are automatically generated in Buildium

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An Easy Activation

Simply activate your Obligo integration in Buildium’s Marketplace and sign T&C's - we'll take care of the rest!

Enhanced Security & Accountability

Owners get paid immediately in case of damages or unpaid rent, while residents receive a credit line to pay back in installments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up and activate the Obligo integration?

Visit Buildium’s Marketplace and activate your integration with the click of a button. Agree to our T&C, create your account in Obligo, and you’re done! We’ll automatically pull in property information and invite your renters once you complete your personalized onboarding with our Customer Success team. Our Customer Success team will contact you to configure your funds routing and provide additional white-glove service.

How does the integration work?

Once we detect a ‘Future Tenant’ within your Buildium account, we automatically invite them to live deposit-free with Obligo, or pay a traditional deposit if they so choose. When a renter is approved for Obligo’s deposit-free service, you’ll receive an email notification. The deposit amount, guaranteed or wired, will automatically be posted on the renter’s ledger. At move-out, any deductions will automatically be pulled from your renter ledger and a summary sent to your renter. Payment will be sent to you instantly and we’ll send you real-time reporting for all deposits received.

Will you start sending Obligo invitations to my new renters immediately upon activation?

No. We want to make sure you understand the in’s and out’s of your new integration. Obligo will contact you to schedule an onboarding call with our Customer Success team. Once all onboarding steps are completed, the integration will get activated!

What happens when a renter moves out?

Obligo’s integration dynamically checks your renter’s status. When we detect a renter has moved-out, our integration will use the open charges on the renter’s ledger to create and charge their security deposit guarantee. We’ll initiate payment to the PMC immediately and close out the renter’s record in Obligo. When the payout is processed, you can view the receipt in your Buildium account. At that point, the renter will receive an email detailing the charge(s) and their various repayment options. Renters maintain their legal rights and move-out charges may be disputed, just like with a traditional deposit.

How do I access additional resources about Obligo?

Our awesome customer success team will contact you to provide white glove support and training. If you have additional questions, you can always login to Obligo to access our knowledge center or live chat with our team.

How do you keep our renter data secure?

Obligo does not store any credit card information, we use our PCI compliant partners for that. Other sensitive details (bank account and routing numbers) are encrypted with industry standard technologies (that also comply with the PCI standard) and are not kept alongside any PII. All of our backend services run inside a virtual private network in AWS. Obligo will receive SOC2 compliance by Q1 2022.

How do I remove my Obligo integration?

In order to deactivate the integration, you’ll need to log-in to your Obligo account → Application → Buildium → Deactivate. Please note that this will disable the integration but will not close out your Obligo account. If you wish to disable your account completely, please contact our customer support team and they’ll assist you.