3 Easy Steps to Get Your Deposit Back

If your landlord offers Obligo, you can get your security deposit back.

Put your deposit money to good use - at no cost to you 😎

How it works:

  • Simply enter your landlord's contact info
  • We'll contact them and once they offer Obligo...
  • Qualify & apply your deposit to next month's rent!

Your Deposit Money, Better Spent

Use your deposit money where it can generate the most value for you. 

Whether it's repaying debt, making an investment or furnishing your rental!


Ready to get your deposit back?

 Want to tell your landlord about Obligo directly? It's easy! Use our pre-drafted email here. Just fill in your landlords' email addresses, sign your name & send!




DISCLAIMER: The Landlord Referral Program permits select and eligible participants to earn Obligo for free for 1 year by inviting landlords to work with Obligo (“Referrals”). Obligo reserves the right to approve or decline Referrals at its discretion. Referrals may not qualify for reasons including, but not limited to (a) the existence of a current or prior partner relationship between the landlord and Obligo; (b) the landlord having a portfolio size less than 50 units; or (c) the landlord utilizing software not yet integrated with Obligo. Participants will be notified of the approval of any qualifying Referrals in writing and will be provided with Obligo for free for such Referrals. This program is in effect until September 30, 2023