Refund your security
deposits electronically.

  • Accelerate your deposit refunds and avoid bad reviews 
  • Stay compliant with local and state deposit refund deadlines
  • Stop chasing renters after move-out for forwarding addresses and uncashed checks

See how we can streamline your move-out process & improve the renter experience.

Are you a renter?

If you already paid a security deposit, we can help you get it back electronically at the end of your lease! Learn more

Refund Deposits With The Click Of A Button

No more cutting checks. Refund cash deposits to your renters at move-out, securely & electronically.

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Fully Integrated with your Workflow

Obligo’s solution will match your move-out accounting workflow and is integrated with the leading property management software systems.



Avoid Bad Reviews

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It's time to automate your move-outs